UnEarth is an interactive first person mystery that explores different perspectives of a group of students as they deal with the influence of a coveted otherworldly artifact. The experience is designed to look at film as an interactive medium. UnEarth comprises of a combination of video and still images with audio. The player chooses a character at the beginning and interacts with the experience from first-person perspective.

UnEarth explores themes like trust, obsession, fear, and curiosity, conveyed through an eerie, surreal and a somewhat 'rusty' visual style. Shot in Vancouver the story uses rainy atmospheres, industrial, worn-down backdrops (railway tracks), and natural elements (mountains, trees, and birds), to contrast with the otherworldly phenomena and artifacts that characters come across.

Following a friendly group photograph taken by some local students at a bar, three characters are spun into parallel paths as they deal with the influence of a coveted otherworldly artifact in their presence. UnEarth is an interactive still and sound-based first person mystery following the trio's diverging perspectives through a series of suspicious events; from their first meeting until the uncovering of the mysterious object. While walking in the shoes of each persona, every observation and subsequent choice made will determine the stories direction, revealing who is friend or foe, and ultimately unearthing the unknown.