In January 2018 I was asked to design different ideas for a potential Hat Liner for the Official Smithbilt Paul Brandt Signature Edition Hat.

Over a bunch of discussion and 72 hours later, we had an approved design. This was one of the fastest projects I have ever worked on.



  • Music education in Canada is endangered, and students are missing out on the value of learning and creating music.

  • Music education makes students smarter and helps develop positive self-esteem and communication skills.

  • Music also has a strong emotional impact on youth - music gives kids a way to sort out their emotions and express their feelings.

  • Long term impact: the instruments we supply last over 20 years. We estimate that well over 800,000 children have known the joy of music as a result of one of our programs or donations.


MusiCounts has several programs that focus on supporting music education in Canada. Receive instruments for your program via MusiCounts Band Aid Program or the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program, nominate an exceptional teacher for the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award and find out about the MusiCounts Scholarship for post-secondary students. To find out more, please select the program that best applies to you.