In February I was asked to design different ideas for a potential Hat Liner for the Official Smithbilt Paul Brandt Signature Edition Hat.

Over a bunch of discussion and 72 hours later, we had an approved design. This was one of the fastest projects I have ever worked on.

In the Old West, the black hat belongs to the villain, the bad guy, the gunslinger...

The dust rises against the hot sun as he rides in, local close up shop with a slam and scurry, and a young'un is sent for the sheriff.

But then, Paul Brandt comes to town. This new legendary black hat shakes things up. He never settles. He sings a new song. He pioneers. He changes the game.

Each year, the Official Smithbilt Paul Brandt Signature Edition Hat will set things straight, benefiting a carefully selected cause. By purchasing one, you look great and you'll be wearing a piece of history that makes the world a better place. This year, we benefit Rodeo Concussion Prevention, Awareness and Treatment Initiatives. 

Be a legend. Change the story.