A little about Otahpiaaki 2018

Otahpiaaki 2018: Indigenous Beauty, Fashion, and Design Week, is one of six Otahpiaaki projects created at Mount Royal University. This year’s theme is Pride and Protest and features an inspiring Nation-to-Nation exchange among Indigenous artists, designers, and creatives and audiences in and around Mohkinstsis. We believe that the work of reconciliation is for neighbours and that important conversations and teachings can be shared through creative and artistic practices.

This year we have partnered with Atlantic Avenue Arts Block and Espy Experience in Historic Inglewood. We are excited to have our designer/artists and vendor pop-ups located in Espy Experience for the duration of the three showcases, as well as host our Friday night show.

Community Workshops (November 6-9)

Otahpiaaki workshops afford many opportunities to learn about protocol, artistic practices, materials, and the issues behind each unique artistic practice. We are thankful to welcome such a diverse series as a part of Pride & Protest 2018. All are welcome to listen, learn, and exchange.

Pride and Protest Showcases (November 8, 9, 10)

Our commitment is to showcase Indigenous beauty, fashion, and design from the 760+ First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Northern neighbour nations. This year 49 different individuals from 41 different Nations moved us closer to our goals.

Thank you to the team from Espy Experience for collaborating with us on our first ever Otahpiaaki Pop Up. It was thrilling to see the shopping and smiles from our designers and the interactions among designers and customers as they shopped.

We would like to thank the Atlantic Avenue Art Block, the Esker Foundation, and Critical Mass for allowing us to host two of our runways, photoshoots, and volunteer spaces throughout the block. The space was simply beautiful. Thank you for being so accommodating. We look forward to working with you in the future. A special nod to Bite Grocery & Eatery for providing giveaways for our guests.

Thursday Night Showcase

Friday Night Showcase

Saturday Night Showcase