A group of five Mount Royal University's marketing students were given the opportunity to work with Paul Brandt and his legacy collection to help form the #notinmycity campaign.

I was brought on near the end of the project to help further design the booklet to get it ready for each meeting we had following the success of this project.

The campaign is geared towards raising awareness on the realities of human trafficking in Calgary, with a  focus on sexual exploitation. The campaign will target large entertainment events, where there is an increase in trafficking. Beginning with one of the largest entertainment events in the world, the Calgary Stampede, the #notinmycity campaign will raise awareness on this issue. Through the #notinmycity campaign, we hope to engage the Calgary community to take a stand against human trafficking.

#NotInMyCity is a campaign geared towards raising awareness of Human Trafficking in Calgary, with a focus on sexual exploitation. Trafficking activity has been documented by police at large entertainment and sporting events like The Juno Awards and the F1 Race showing that these events including the Calgary Stampede, are targeted specifically by traffickers.  Our campaign aims to raise community awareness, shine a spotlight on  existing resources , and provide strategies to our community to stand up against human trafficking.Through the #NotInMyCity campaign, we hope to engage the Calgary community as we stand together and say “no more” to human trafficking.

2017 Stampede Kickoff and Benefit

Paul Brandt and Paul Hardy are extending an exclusive invitation to join them at the Deane House on July 6, 2017 for the initial launch of the #notinmycity campaign. The campaign is geared towards raising awareness of human trafficking in Calgary, with a focus on child sexual exploitation. This event will bring local and global influencers together to discuss the issue of human trafficking, and how we can end it as a community.
Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase beautiful awareness scarves and bandanas, designed by Paul Hardy and MRU students, and learn how they can become involved with the #notinmycity campaign. The event is supported by Paul Brandt, Paul Hardy, Mount Royal University, The Buckspring Foundation, the City of Calgary, the Joy Smith Foundation, Brookline PR, Boom Goes the Drum, FM Systems and the Deane House. We invite you to come help us celebrate Stampede, show support, and enjoy live music. You will be able to savour delicious canapés and libations, all in a socially responsible, upscale atmosphere of fun and community.

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From Paul Brandt and The #NOTINMYCITY Team

There are times when words are not enough.

The 2017 #NotInMyCity awareness campaign successfully launched last night, and history was made. A line was drawn in the sand in Calgary, and I strongly believe the future of our city changed for good.

Something happens when people gather together and declare truth. Commitments are made. Foundations are built. Lives are saved. As Sir Winston Churchill so eloquently put it:

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."

If you were able to attend our Deane House event, thank you for choosing to make the well-being and safety of vulnerable women and children a priority. During one of the busiest nights of the year many of our country's most influential leaders honoured Human Trafficking victims and survivors by being a part of our sold-out crowd. Blurring lines of politics, gender, race, and religion, we stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. We made a collective commitment, took a stand and agreed; forced sexual exploitation is wrong, and Human Trafficking will not be accepted in our community.

While there is still much work ahead of us, the launch of 2017 #NotInMyCity has been incredibly successful and should be celebrated. I offer sincere thanks to all of our sponsors, partners and supporters.

Waking up to the sight of Treaty 7 Chiefs proudly displaying our Paul Hardy designed bandanas at the Calgary Stampede Parade, and knowing that Chuckwagon Champion Chad Harden will be carrying our message to millions at the races throughout Stampede Week, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. There has been a monumental shift in attitudes related to Human Trafficking in Canada, and Calgary's #NotInMyCity Campaign has played, and will continue to play a part.

For those who are in the discovery phase, who are still becoming aware of this movement, we welcome you. If you haven't yet, you can purchase your Awareness Scarves, Bandanas, and Decals at https://paul-brandt-webstore.myshopify.com/collections/all

We believe that as you let the truth sink in about this growing public health crisis, you will choose to be on the right side of history and join us by publicly declaring that the forced sexual exploitation of men, women and children is not okay.

Not here, not anywhere. Not in my city.