A group of five Mount Royal University's marketing students were given the opportunity to work with Paul Brandt and his legacy collection to help form the #notinmycity campaign.

I was brought on near the end of the project to help further design the booklet to get it ready for each meeting we had following the success of this project.

The campaign is geared towards raising awareness on the realities of human trafficking in Calgary, with a  focus on sexual exploitation. The campaign will target large entertainment events, where there is an increase in trafficking. Beginning with one of the largest entertainment events in the world, the Calgary Stampede, the #notinmycity campaign will raise awareness on this issue. Through the #notinmycity campaign, we hope to engage the Calgary community to take a stand against human trafficking.

#NotInMyCity is a campaign geared towards raising awareness of Human Trafficking in Calgary, with a focus on sexual exploitation. Trafficking activity has been documented by police at large entertainment and sporting events like The Juno Awards and the F1 Race showing that these events including the Calgary Stampede, are targeted specifically by traffickers.  Our campaign aims to raise community awareness, shine a spotlight on  existing resources , and provide strategies to our community to stand up against human trafficking.Through the #NotInMyCity campaign, we hope to engage the Calgary community as we stand together and say “no more” to human trafficking.