For this class, the assignment was based on the book "The True Believer".  I was tasked to choose either a leader or a follower.  I decided to pick one of the most horrible cult leaders that I could find, Jim Jones.

Jim Jones studied the works of Stalin, Marx, Gandhi, and Hitler, noting their strengths and weaknesses.  Jones then developed an intense interest in religion.  People alleged thatJones frequently held funerals for small animals on the property and a cat that he had stabbed to death.  The marks of a cult are not what they believe, but how they act.  Jones needed as most religious groups provided, a group of leaders around him to critique his decisions.  He lost perspective.  That message was that there was hope for a new and better society, one which there was no racism, poverty, discrimination or oppression. “Don’t be afraid to die” Jones concludes. “We didn’t commit suicide; we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world”