Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads is an interactive novel series/ virtual reality fiction that is positioned between two core Inanimate Alice episodes, Episode 6 - The Last Gas Station and Episode 7. This is a co-production between Mez Breeze Design and the Bradfield Narrative Designs and is bridging the project that links Episode 6 and Episode 7.

Perpetual Nomads Episode 1 was pre visualized as an interactive web-base experience that uses VR elements to educate young adults on the implications associated with technological and geographic displacement, moral decision-making, identity building, and social connectedness.

This web-based experience will allow users to:

  • Explore the continued story of Alice and Perpetual Nomads
  • Make decisions that could impact the story and how it progresses
  • Allowing future production on the next episodes of Perpetual Nomads by setting up scenes in the first episode that could impact the story later.

Over the course of a semester the team worked to create a prototype which is an interactive story experience titled 'Homeless and Heartfull'. In this single player adventure the player must travel from the last Gas Station to the City in the far distance. The experience combines imagery, interactivity, and 360 degree interactive experiences.

Inanimate Alice Novellas

As a side project we worked on a smaller storylines, to teach young players to learn about three locations such as a European Adventure, Middle East, and South America.  While working on the European Adventure I worked on the storyline and the images for the story.