I am an Information Designer with a passion for design and data visualization. I love to look through large amounts of information and uncover patterns and correlations that translate into new knowledge.  In addition to my technical skills, I have a passion for articulate design and content.

information design is the action of informing, formation, or moulding of the mind or character, skill and practice of preparing information so people can use it with more efficiency and effectiveness.  it has been verified to be more accurate and timely, specific and organized for a purpose, that is presented within a context that has meaning and relevance, it reduces UNCERTAINTY.  information has been given so many meanings to different people because everyone interprets it so different than the next person.

My Story

I’m Jordan.  I’m from Calgary, Alberta and I have loved design for as long as I can remember.  I learned the art of drawing and sketching early on which has helped my illustration skills over the years.  I often will go back to drawing and sketching before I start working on anything in the computer.  During my undergrad, I learned a lot about the fundamentals of design, document production, book and magazine layouts, and graphics. 

In that time, I created multiple infographics, design layouts, invitations, two magazines and a book.  While completing my degree, I also worked towards a minor in marketing, which I received and enjoyed as well.  I learned about product marketing, sales and advertising, and international marketing. During the classes, I created marketing schedules and plans for certain products.

I started to dabble in photography early on when my brother started playing soccer, and slowly photography became my second love.  I started getting really serious about my photography in my second year of my undergrad because I was able to work towards a Certificate, while completing my classes.  I got to do multiple classes that taught me about composition, balance, lighting, and the fundamentals. 

After my undergrad, I was accepted into the Master’s of Digital Media program located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I transitioned into a team focused, product driven work program with clients since September 2015.  The Centre of Digital Media program has taught me so much and I know that there is still so much to learn before the end of this program in August 2016.  I cannot wait to see how this changes my life.

Since the completion of my Masters in August 2016, I have moved back to Calgary to complete my Certificate in Marketing at Mount Royal University.  I am currently working on my Photography skills and co-writing a blog for Extreme Coffee Freak.